Soft Multifocal Contact Lens Therapy

Soft Multifocal Contact Lens Therapy for Myopia Management

Limiting the progression of childhood myopia

Myopia is a long-term, progressive eye disease characterized by excess eye elongation, associated sight-threatening risks and blurry distance vision. The sight-threatening diseases associated with high myopia include, but are not limited to, myopic macular degeneration, retinal detachment, primary open-angle glaucoma, cataracts and staphyloma.

The use of specially designed soft multifocal contact lenses has been shown in numerous studies to significantly limit the progression of myopia when compared to traditional single vision contact lenses or glasses. The effectiveness of these soft multifocal therapeutic contact lenses has been reported to reduce the rate of myopic progression by 35% to 59%, depending on studies cited.

This treatment is designed to create mid-peripheral blur with light rays that focus in front of the retina, which down-regulates peripheral blur from light rays that focus behind the retina, the signal for eyeball elongation.

Your doctor at Bensenville Eye Care will tailor a plan along with you and your child to find the appropriate design and parameters of myopia management soft multifocal contact lenses that will have the highest probability of slowing the progression of your child’s myopia. These lenses need to be worn daily as much as possible in order to exert their effect. The specific wearing schedule will be discussed with you by your doctor. In addition to reducing myopic progression, these contact lenses will correct your child’s vision at all distances, be comfortable to wear for their full wearing schedule and be as healthy to wear as traditional contact lenses. As part of the therapeutic program, your doctor will monitor your child’s vision and refractive status, eye health response and all elements that contribute to an optimal outcome during the course of therapy.

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