Contact Lens Fittings

Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens fitting is performed in addition to a comprehensive eye exam for patients who wear or are interested in wearing contact lenses. The contact lens fitting involves taking measurements of your cornea’s curvature and diameter, determining pupil size in various lighting conditions, examining your external eye to ensure it is healthy enough to wear a contact lens, performing a tear film assessment and evaluating the contact lens on the eye to confirm proper size, movement, comfort, tear exchange and vision. Usually, a contact lens fitting can be performed at the same appointment time as your comprehensive eye exam; however, sometimes additional appointments are necessary.

If it is your first time wearing contact lenses, a staff member will train you how to insert and remove the contacts, how to handle the contacts and how to care for them properly. Expect at least one follow-up with the doctor after you've been wearing the contact lenses for a week or two.

At Bensenville Eye Care, we routinely fit soft, rigid gas permeable, hybrid and scleral contact lenses with a variety of replacement schedules ranging from daily replacement to annual replacement. The contact lenses we fit can benefit patients with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal scars, severe dry eye and progressive nearsightedness (specifically, childhood myopia).

During your appointment, your doctor will discuss your best options after reviewing your eyes, preferences and visual demands. These days, many options exist for contact lens wearers. To help select the optimal contact lens for you, your doctor may inquire about the following:

Would you like to wear contact lenses every day or only for special occasions?

Will you be wearing your contacts lenses at the computer?

Do you participate in sports or other specialized activities?

If you wore contact lenses in the past, did you encounter any issues?

Would you like contact lenses that enhance or change your eye color?

Contact lenses are a wonderful way to change your appearance, enhance your vision and/or reduce your reliance on glasses. Luckily, there are many contact lens options available so contact lenses are a possibility for most of our patients. Feel free to ask your doctor during your next visit, if you would like to try contact lenses.

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