Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exam

A comprehensive eye examination evaluates all aspects of your vision and eye health.

A comprehensive eye exam checks your eyes externally and internally for any signs of eye disease and tests your vision in a variety of ways.

  • Refraction – Your doctor will test your vision with different lenses to determine if glasses or contact lenses can improve your vision.
  • Visual Function – This includes testing depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, pupil response to light, eye focusing, eye teaming and eye movement abilities.
  • Eye Pressure Testing – This is a test of fluid pressure within your eye to screen for glaucoma.
  • External Exam – This examines the health of your eyelids, eyelashes, cornea, conjunctiva, iris and anterior chamber.
  • Internal Exam – This is an evaluation of the health of your lens, vitreous, retina, vasculature and optic nerve.

Comprehensive eye examinations also look at your total health.

Your eye doctor will inquire about your overall systemic health, medications, family history and social history including sports, hobbies and smoking/drinking status. All these factors influence the overall health of your eyes. When we look inside the eye, aside from the typical eye problems we can see such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, we can also see if diabetes or elevated blood pressure is damaging your blood vessels, we can tell if your retina has torn or detached, we can even tell if the pressure inside your brain is too high. The eyes are truly a window to your health. At Bensenville Eye Care, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with a superior standard of care and we know annual eye exams that include looking at the retina are vital to maintaining your vision and overall eye health.

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